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The Budwig (and Keto) Club

A website for those interested in experimenting with the the Ketogenic diet and the Budwig Protocol.


What is the Budwig Protocol and why the change to the Ketogenic diet?

The original Budwig club followed the researches of Joanna Budwig into ways of delivering Omega 3 to prevent various chronic diseases. I had been following this to address diabetes 2 since 2012.

Since October 2023 I discovered the Ketogenic diet and the relationship of carbohydrates to health issues. I had no idea that carbohydrates were a bound form of sugar and insulin can respond to this and other metabolic stressors in multiple ways. Discovering this was like finding a missing piece of the jigsaw. The results have been astonishing; and over a very short period of time. No medical professional within my sphere had mentioned this to me either. As with the Budwig protocol this was left to the internet to supply the information.

I still think the Budwig cream is a useful addition but now believe that these issues are a lot more complex and so I'm re-writing this website to integrate some of the keto protocols that would otherwise be missing in a literal reading of the Budwig protocol. In several respects the Keto and Budwig rationales conflict, especially when it comes to vegan / vegetarian versus carnivorous elements to each.

I will be posting up my researches in the coming year (2024) and de-linked some of the pages that would otherwise introduce carbohydrates into this diet.


(Below)   This is what the Budwig cream looks like... A yellowish cream that stands up like whipped cream. See the Getting Started page on how to mix it and the Food Extras for a few ideas.


*Disclaimer : This website does not intend to offer medical advice but to act as a practical resource for those who have already decided to experiment with the Budwig Protocol on their own recognisance. If you have a condition you should let your doctor know about any changes you are considering to your diet, lifestyle or treatment.

Update 03-2023: Unfortunately Lidl are now de-stocking their British quark. It is shame as this was the best for the protocol and very cheap at 69p.
The FAGE 0% yogurt is the best otherwise and I would recommend this (not the 2% or 5%!). It can be found in most supermarkets and is often on offer £3.50 for half size (450 grm) to £5.50 per large (950gram) tub). Fage is a bit pricey but Lidl do a cheaper greek yogurt for £1.70 (500 grm)- light version. See 'Getting Started for images.


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