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Note from November 2020. Due to the economic situation almost all supermarkets are now de-stocking quark. After trialling several other products i can now recommend FAGE Total 0% yoghurt to blend with the flax oil.

Update 02-01-2021: After de-stocking flax oil, Sainsburys are now stocking again at the old price (£4.75 per 250ml). However, if de-stocking happens where you are they have a decent cold-pressed hemp-oil. It has about the same Omega3 content as flax oil but tastes a bit more veggie.

What is the Budwig Protocol?

This protocol arose from the researches of Dr. Johanna Budwig, starting in the 1930's, into oils and fats that resulted in the discovery of Omega 3. At the heart of this protocol is a blend of Omega 3 rich flax seed oil and high protein yogurt or quark. The mixing of these unlikely foods results in the conversion of the oils in the flax oil from hydrophobic to water soluble. When ingested, this has been related to many beneficial effects. Originally introduced by Joanna Budwig as an cancer prevention treatment it has since been associated with alleviating many other conditions.

But more importantly... this mixture is really nice! A bit like nutty yogurt and something you will enjoy and want to do. It also provides quite a 'buzz', especially when freshly mixed.

What is The Budwig Club?

The Budwig Club is a simple pre-research resource for those who are interested in experimenting with this Protocol. It is mainly for people in the UK so that they can find out where to get the ingredients to try this out. If this protocol has been of benefit to you, then do drop me an e-mail and let me know your story. There is very little information on this so it would be good to assemble anecdotal evidence to form the basis of future research.


(Below)   This is what the Budwig cream looks like... A yellowish cream that stands up like whipped cream. See the Getting Started page on how to mix it and the Food Extras for a few ideas.


*Disclaimer : This website does not intend to offer medical advice but to act as a practical resource for those who have already decided to experiment with the Budwig Protocol on their own recognisance. If you have a condition you should let your doctor know about any changes you are considering to your diet, lifestyle or treatment.

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