The Budwig Club : Food Extras

Now you should have your flax oil / yoghurt or quark mixture (if not return to the 'Getting Started' page). Below are a few hints and tips to make it more effective, what foods to avoid and ideas for recipes.

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Blueberries and wine

According to the protocol, the benefits of the mixture can be enhanced by increasing blood flow so that the chemistry gets to where it is needed. I like to use blueberries, however the protocol allows a small (whiskey glass size) glass of organic red wine. This is contentious but it is in the Cookbook.



Here are a few suggestions I have tried but do try your own - remember this is an experimental site!

Fruit and Fibre


Fruit on Toast


Blueberry Ice Cream


Budwig and Baked Potato


Other Foods

What to eat: Any fruits, salads and vegetables; seeds and nuts - especially eaten raw or lightly cooked. High Omega 3 products like oily fish and Omega 3 eggs. This is not a vegetarian or vegan protocol, just be sensible about quantities and quality. Cook with olive oil or coconut oil (expensive) or (if you can work it out!) the Oleolux recipe from the Budwig Cookbook

Important What to avoid: Anything containing or cooked with hardened (hydrogenated) fats. This might sound a bit harsh but it relates to the theory. So: avoid fast foods, processed meats, most commercial bakery products (biscuits, cakes, pastries, pizzas, crisps, processed bread (though I eat Vogel's bread), margarines and mayonnaise, granulated sugar. Think...has this been cooked industrially at high temperatures and / or is this likely to contain hydrogenated fats?


Omega 3 tablets

It is not recommended to take Omega 3 as a tablet.