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Theory (1) - mechanics

This is how I understand it. Omega is the last letter in the Greek alphabet. Oils and fats come as long chains of carbon atoms. Hydrogen atoms can link to these above or below the chain and so 'Omega 3' means a hydrogen bond that is 3 carbon atoms from the end. Omega 6 is 6 atoms, Omega 9 is 9 and so on. Each time there is a hydrogen bond the molecule kinks in that direction.

Hydrogenated fats have many hydrogen bonds and these make such fats resilient in industrial food processing. So, Omega 3 has the fewest kinks and hydrogenated fats look like a zig-zag with many kinks. Fats with few bonds are fragile and do not keep so well. For example the flax oil (Omega 3) has to be cold pressed and kept in a dark bottle out of sunlight.

The body uses fats to coat its cells and this is necessary for the transfer of nutrients and respiration. However, it cannot distinguish between all these different kinds of fats. Coating the cells with Omega 3 means the cell retains its smooth shape. With an hydrogenated fat the cell wall adopts the zig-zag shape in response to the molecule. This impedes the flow of nutrients and (in the case of diabetes 2) restricts the holes that absorb glucose from the bloodstream. In the case of cancer; the nucleus divides to replicate the cell but the outer membrane is too tough to divide so stays as a single cell containing 2 nuclei. This then forms the basis of subsequent mis-copying.

Hydrogenated fats are very tough (that is their design) and will stay in the body for a long time. With the Budwig mixture, the flax oil is turned water soluble by the protein in the quark and this acts firstly as a kind of 'de-greasant' to the existing (bad) fat and then coats the cells afterwards with the (good) Omega 3. This takes about a year but there are reports of instant benefits that I am also interested in.


Experiment : Here is an experiment you can try to show the de-greasing properties of the Budwig mixture. Take a small plate and smear a thin layer of margarine with your finger on opposite sides. Then, on one of the patches of margarine, work in an equal amount of the Budwig mixture. Run lukewarm water from the tap over each patch in turn. You will find that the margarine is still there but the margarine with Budwig has washed off.


Theory (2) - Aquatic Ape dietary evolution

But how does this all work out in terms of evolutionary theory. This past year there has been a resurgence of interest in the 'Aquatic Ape' theory of human evolution by Alister Hardy and Eileen Morgan. This theory proposed that bi-pedalism evolved through the agency of apes being able to wade in the sea in an upright position. This allowed the brain to grow in size and complexity. To support this growth it was necessary to have a supply of essential fatty acids, found in abundance in the sea. Moving back inland modern humans were deprived of this source and suffered a range of health consequences as a result.

Theory (3) - Charge Field theory

Interestingly, on page 189 of the Cookbook - under the Science section - appears the following text: "The photons of the Sun power the body's electrons which power the body's 'life battery'". In today's understanding of particle physics this is a strange thing to say. But perhaps not so at the beginning part of the 20th century. Before quantum mechanics and the Copenhagen Interpretation there was debate about the nature of light and the constitution of atoms.

In my 'travels' through science history I have come across many interesting theories that have, nonetheless, fallen by the wayside. A contemporary and rival of Einstein at the Zurich Polytechnic was a student called Walther Ritz. He developed an Emission Theory of light that called for photons to be emitted by matter as small particles with the speed of c+v where v is the velocity of the emitter. This was in contradiction of Einstein's Relativity Theory that has light as a fixed velocity (c). Unfortunately Ritz died of TB in 1909 before he could fully explore his theory and the rest is history. Find a good biography of Walther Ritz Here.

Nowadays these theories are being positively re-evaluated in the light of new observations and interpretations. One researcher that is working in this area is Miles Mathis (see: ). In this scenario particles like electrons and protons are measured and experienced by their stacked spins. That is, spins stacked by means of each successive centre of spin being located on the surface of the object. These spins are sustained by photons entering at the poles and exiting near the equator in a quadrupole arrangement of the charge field. The photons give up their spin to sustain or increase the cross-section of spin of the particles that they enter. In fact all material objects observe this rule from sub-atomic particles to the Earth to galaxies and this is the basis of the fundamental integration of electricity (linear velocity of ions) and magnetism (spin of ions) through the photon field that sustains them.

So you can see that Johanna Budwig, coming from an earlier time and a location near to the Swiss border, would have no difficulty in drawing inferences between photons and electrons in this manner. I also am interested in the same process expressed in macro morphologies and give a talk on the subject - Here


Theory (4) - Viral Infection

Of course it is not to suggest a 'cure' but maybe the protocol has a kind of prophylactic function when it come to viral infections? From my understanding, a virus needs to attach to the cell wall in order to then penetrate inside to distribute its genetic material. With a cell coated with hydrogenated fats, being wrinkly, this will provide a lot more opportunity for the virus to attach into crevices and irregularities on the cell surface. With a smooth Omega 3 surface it will have far less opportunity to get a foot-hold. This would apply to all viruses not just Covid 19. The opportunity with Covid 19 is that it has never been encountered before so can perhaps illuminate this process. If anyone who is following the Budwig protocol has contracted CV19 then do get in touch as I would be interested to hear.